Dapyomai baleyaaras yaer laagav
I told my beloved, let us be friends

Taem dopnam bozwun chus kon laagav
He said, I keep hearing this, so why not let’s try

Dapyomas boznavtam chus ba banday
I said, tell me, I am also a person(Human)

Taem dopnam boozmeti gayi sharmanday
He said, the ones who heard, were mortified

Dapyomas myati baavtam panun aasun
I said, let me feel (in front of you) my self as well

Taem dopnam paen panas khur chu kaasun
He said, your scruples need to be resolved by the self

Dapyomas kya chu andar kya chu nyabar
I said, what is it that lies inside and what lies outside

Taem dopnam yee chu andar ti yee chu nyabar
He said, whatever is inside is outside

Dapyomas nokhta os nate aav katay
I said, wasn’t it a dot, where did (all this) came from

Taem dopnam pokhta sabdakh aashq watay
He said, you’ll become enlightened on the path of love

Dapyomas mokhte aashqun baav te myate
I said, why don’t you sow the seed (pearl) of love in me

Taem dopnam vavayai chi thavakh katey
He said, I would’ve sown, but where will you keep it?

Dapyomas yeech kya chai nokhta giri
I said, what is this fancy enlightenment that you have

Taem dopnam karvun chus dastagiri
He said, I’m used to blessing (others)

Dapyomas chuk cha kunui la shareek
I said, you’re one, alone (without a partner)

Taem dopnam tami gaseth chai myaen tareek
He said, that’s what my style is made of

Dapyomas ath tareekas hymai zaagai
I said, of this style, I’ll be wary (and keep note)

Taem dopnam harne chashman saurme laagav
He said, I’ll put kohl in your deer eyes

Dapyomas saurme lagith kya chu banaan
I said, what does putting in kohl achieve?

Taem dopnam poz te apuz ade chu nanaan
He said, that’s how you will see the truth and lie

Dapyomas jame kath kith chuk cze rangaan
I said, why are you dyeing your clothes?

Taem dopnam rangavyin chus kansi mangaan
He said, do I charge you anything for the colours?

Dapyomas rangavin kone chuk che mangaan
I said, why don’t you charge for the colours?

Taem dopnam phaleveth cham haara pyavaan
He said, I’ll get the money in piece-meal

Dapyomas jaame walen chi che paanas
I said, you’ve red clothes on your self

Taem dopnam vih kamik chi la makaanas
He said, what (varied) forms does your self have?

Dapyomas kanh chu aabaad kanh chu vaeraan
I said, someone is ensconced, while someone is desolate

Taem dopnam ami syeeth cham kaem neraan
He said, that’s how I’m able to get my work done

Dapyomas kona chuk parvaai melaan
I said, why don’t you care about it?

Taem dopnam chus ba parvaayas ti gindaan
He said, I play with the care as well.

Vanaan Soch Kral Alifas ma chi bandi
Says Soch Kral, there is no restraint for compassion (of God)

Vuchaan ghas Khuda saeben Khuda wandi
Keep observing the greatness of Khuda

By Sochi Kral Saeb


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