Roz roz boz mein zaar madno
Daadiey chaaniey chas haa beymaar madno
Stop, stem, impede and listen, The torment that pursues
The affliction is you, the pain imbues

Katche zoon gaejthas, safraes laejthas
Tchaurmakh gaame shahar madno
The moon I resemble, Treaded have I an assured death
Have sought you for ages, In dreams and breath

Yaar daud krooth pyaum, shuir paan zaaiye gaum
Tche patte rowum laukchaar madno
Your dodge proved dire, My credulity turned mire
The cradle crunch lost in the burning pyre

Nazre chaaniey seeith, beymaar balaiey keeith
Myaane weeizi loguth be aar madno
Eyes that ease the grief of scores
Failed me, Couldn’t wade me to the shores

Ishaar hawaan, dil katraawaan
Bhumbe chai tez talwaar madno
Through cues, you draw the arcs of pain
Brows you have that pierce me insane

Tche myon ghamkhaar, tche myon sitamgaar
Tche chauk, tche haa bulgaar madno
It’s you who heals, It’s you who wreaks
The wounds are yours, The wraps for sure

Wanihaa mahjoor daastaane dil zaroor
Wanas ti chui naa tas waar madno
I wish to recount the tales of sting
Something that nips and I fail to bring


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